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On the 21st of February 2013 just after 7.10am, one year ago today, I received the phone call I’d been dreading for a while – It was the nursing home my Dad was in phoning to Dad at our weddingtell me that Dad had died just a few minutes earlier.

Well one year on, and I’m still finding it hard to cope with Dad not being with us anymore, which in itself is a bit odd, as for a while prior to his death, Dad wasn’t really Dad anymore anyway, because of the vascular dementia which eventually killed him – It looked like Dad, but it was a shell of the man I knew and loved as much of the time he didn’t know us, or even speak to us in his final few months, so in many ways we’ve been mourning Dad’s “death” for a lot longer than one year.

I can’t believe that’s now a year since Dad left us, as so much has happened in this last year to my family. There’s so many situations I find myself in that I just want to go talk to Dad about and then have to stop and remind myself that Dad’s not here anymore…

There’s so much more I wish I could say about Dad today, but even one year on, it’s still too hard for me to do so.

Bereavement affects us all at some point in our lives and we get through it in different ways; some seem to cope as if nothing has happened, others struggle to cope; some find it easy to take about their loss, others prefer the quietness and reassurance of their own memories. However we cope when someone we love passes away, we are grieving and it’s important to give ourselves time to grieve and not expect life just to carry on as normal for as, as our lives will never be the same again after a loved one dies.

So today, and every day, I remember my Dad, Edwin Robert Johnson (25/4/1927 – 21/2/2013) – I miss you so much, you’re never far from my mind and I will always love you.

Dad at our weddingIt’s been a tough day for me today as it’s Father’s Day today – if you’ve been following my blog for a few months you’ll know that my Dad passed away earlier this year.

It’s not been a tough day because it’s the first Father’s Day I’ve not had to buy a card and present for my Dad, as I never did that…not because I didn’t love Dad, but because he believed Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc were all just about companies making money from all the commercialisation that comes with all those events. I have to say, I do agree with Dad on that, as after all, we always agreed that our love for one another should be shown each and every day not just expressed by a the amount of money/effort put into a present once a year on a day defined by others.

These last few weeks, I’ve been finding myself thinking more and more of Dad (not that I’ve ever stopped thinking of him) and getting very emotional. People keep telling me it’ll get easier with time, but at the moment I feel it’s actually getting harder!

Anyway, for all you other folk out there who have had to get through today, Father’s Day, I hope you have managed to get through what will have been a tough day for you. For those of you who still have you dad with you, cherish them, tell them you love because otherwise, when they are no longer here with you anymore, you’ll wish you’d told them more often how much they meant to you…I know I do!

It’s been a sad day today, as we said a final farewell to be Dad, Edwin (Eddie) Robert Johnson (25/04/1927 – 21/02/2013).

Dad at our wedding

My intention had been to write a tribute to my Dad today, but I’m afraid it’s just too soon for me to be able to write anything that would do my Dad justice, so I’ll save my thoughts for another day once Mum, Sandy and me get back to some kind of normality.

So today, I simply want to express my gratitude to everyone who has offered support and love to us during these difficult days either by phoned, in person or have sent us cards. You will never now how much your support has meant to us all.

To those of you who have helped us get everything sorted out for the funeral today and helped with the funeral itself, a huge thank you.

To the many of you who shared with us today at the crematorium and then afterwards at the hotel, thank you for taking the time to support us on this most difficult of days, again it was very much appreciated by us. I’m sure my Dad would have been embarrassed by all that has been said about him today and also by the number of you who attended his funeral, but as far as I’m concerned, it simply shows the huge impact and influence my Dad had on so many lives.

I miss you Dad, but I will never ever forget you.

Rest in peace Dad xxx

Just for you Dad, one of your favourite jazz musicians, Tommy Dorsey, playing I’m Getting Sentimental Over You: