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Do you regularly attend a church?

Are you inspired by the services when you attend?

If you don’t feel inspired by the worship at your church, have you wondered why?

  • Do you go out of habit not expecting to be challenged or inspired?
  • Do you go feeling there’s no way anything anyone says or does can possibly challenge you?
  • Do you go ready to be challenged, but find nothing in the service relates to you?
  • Are others in at the service challenged and inspired by the worship?

Depending on your answers to those questions, it sounds like there may be two possible solutions to why you get nothing from attending church:

  1. Maybe you need to be open and receptive to God’s message when you go to church.
  2. Maybe you should try attending a different church to see if you are more receptive to their way of worship.
  3. Suggest changes to the format of worship at your church, so that you and others can find the inspiration and challenge you are all looking for.
  4. Pray for your church; Pray for your church leadership team; Pray!

However and wherever you worship, the main thing must always be that you focus on God and make Him the centre of worship. So do what you need to do to make sure He remains at the centre of your worship.

Prayer isn’t something we do with our eyes closed; we pray with our eyes wide-open. Prayer isn’t a sentence that begins with “Dear Jesus” and ends with “Amen.” In fact, the best prayer doesn’t even involve words at all; the best prayer is a life well lived. All of life is meant to be a prayer, just as all of life is meant to be an act of worship.

The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson

Are your eyes wide open?

Are you living your life as an act of worship?

I’ve heard folk say many times how disappointed and even how annoyed they’ve been when people leave their church and go to another place of worship. Yes it’s disappointing when people feel a church/place of worship is not the place they want to be, but the way I look at it is, isn’t it better that on leaving one church/place of worship they are going to another church or place of worship than none at all?

Just as the following picture says, our churches and place of worship are not what is important to God, it’s our hearts! While our churches need to be filled with Him, it’s more important our hearts are filled by Him!

filling empty hearts


Do you attend church regularly?

If so, do you go with family or close friends?

Take a few minutes to consider how you would feel if you had no family or close friends there with you..

Would it make a difference to your worship experience? Would it stop you getting involved in or attending events because you were on your own? Would anyone even notice if you weren’t there for one week…two weeks…or even longer?

I would love to be able to say that it not having any family or close friends to share in worship doesn’t matter; I would love to say that not having family or close friends to attend events with doesn’t matter; I would love to say that when missing for one event/worship meeting, other contact you to check you are ok…can you tell there is a “but” coming in this sentence? Sadly for many, each of these things can be the difference between going to a specific church and not going to church at all.

I personally find that quite sad, as going to church is not about individual people, families or friendships, it’s about God, and our relationship with Him!

I do however completely understand and accept that having family and close friends worshiping with you, can add to your experience. However I do know that when you have no family or close friends at your place of worship, it can be difficult at times to attend events on your own. I also agree that when you’re a regular attender at church and you miss a week but no-one contacts you to check if you are ok, it can make you wonder if anyone even noticed you weren’t there, and so can make you feel so alone; you may even wonder whether if you never went back, whether anyone would even notice.

However, maybe we just need to remember who is always there for us, so we are never alone…

Here is the International Staff Songsters of the Salvation Army singing the beautiful song Whom Have I.


…the love and support of my family

…the love and support of my friendsBe thankful

…a roof over my head

…food and water to nourish me

…clothes to keep me warm

…a job

…a national health service which provides free health care when we are ill

…the freedom to worship God

…the freedom to share my faith with others

…the love which God freely gives me

…the power of prayer


What are you thankful for?

Saw this and loved it…

Moments with God

It can so often be the times when we are in mot need of God’s love and support, that we actually forget to simply trust in Him. So this is a great reminder of all of life’s situations we may find ourselves in, that God must be at the centre of it all.

Do you follow all the instructions in the above picture?

What is a sanctuary?

Here is the dictionary definition of a sanctuary:

  1. a sacred or holy place.
  2. an especially holy place in a temple or church.
  3. the part of a church around the altar; the chancel.
  4. a church or other sacred place where fugitives were formerly entitled to immunity from arrest.

Since we moved into our new hall (Bellshill Salvation Army) at the beginning of April, I’ve heard it described by several people as a sanctuary

Bellshill SA worship hall

Can you see why?

The illuminated cross at the front of our new worship hall grabs your attention as soon as you enter the hall for the first time. Having sat in the congregation, rather than in my seat in the band, recently, I found my attention constantly drawn to the cross.

Some my question why we have no Salvation Army crest at the front of our hall, however, I for one prefer it as it is. We know what the building is, we know it’s a Salvation Army hall. However I think we must be constantly reminded of the cross, and what as Christians it stands for…after all if there hadn’t been a cross, and there wouldn’t have been a Salvation Army, and their wouldn’t have been a Bellshill Salvation Army hall to worship in!


I was reminded of this song over the weekend when Sunderland Monkwearmouth SA Band visited Bellshill Salvation Army to lead worship over the weekend.

Come, now is the time to worship
Come, now is the time to give your heart
Come, just as you are to worship
Come, just as you are before your God

One day ev’ry tongue will confess You are God
One day ev’ry knee will bow
Still the greatest treause remains for those,
Who gladly choose you now

Come, now is the time to worship
Come, now is the time to give your heart
Come, just as you are to worship
Come, just as you are before your God

One day every tongue will confess You are God
One day every knee will bow
Still the greatest treasure remains for those,
Who gladly choose you now
Ooh, we’re calling You
Calling all nations
Now is the time
One day every tongue will confess You are God
One day every knee will bow
Still the greatest treasure remains for those,
Who gladly choose you now

One day every tongue will confess You are God
One day every knee will bow
Still the greatest treasure remains for those,
Who gladly choose you now

That “One Day” will never arrive if we do not continue to tell others about God and how he can help others. How will everyone know He is God if we don’t tell them?

I pray that One Day every knee shall bow before God, so I pledge to do all I can to help spread God’s wonderful message of love and forgiveness in my small part of this huge world. How about you, will you pledge to spread God’s message in your part of the world? Together we can change the world, and that One Day when every knee shall bow before Him will come true.

CS lewis quote about God's glory

Some may not believe in God’s existence.

Others may believe He exists, but simply don’t think He can do anything for them.

While others believe God exists and that He is there for every one of us whether we believe in Him or not!

God loves us all, and even if we fail to love Him in return, He still loves us, how amazing is that!

I love you Lord,
And I lift my voice  to worship you.

All my soul rejoices.
Take joy my King in what you hear.
Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in your ear.

The following video of Fire In the Blood by the International Staff Band of the Salvation Army features the songs Sing For Joy, You Know That We Love You as well as the chorus listed above.

Think about your life, do your actions and your words reflect how God wants us to live?

God will take joy in what he hears, if we live as he has directed. So let’s show our love for God by worshipping him and by living our life for Him.