“Christ the Lord is risen today,

And so today we celebrate the future. It is because Jesus died on the cross and then rose again, that we are forgiven of all our sins, and can now allow the living Christ to change us into the person He wants us to be.
Today I did not go to my church (Bellshill Salvation Army), I stayed at home. That however has not mean I have not spent time reflecting on what today means to me as a christian.

So what does today mean to me as a christian – My answer….”EVERYTHING!”

Earlier today I watch “The Passion of the Christ” for what I think was the fifth time. This film portrays the last days of Jesus life on earth and despite me having seen this film several times, I am still incredibly moved and inspired by this film. To describe this film as simply moving and inspiring really doesn’t do it justice, however I’m afraid I am unable to find the words to express the emotions I felt watching the film…and still feel.

I’m writing this post several hours after watching the film, and am still feeling very emotional. I am very priveliged to have grown up in a christian home and to have experienced te wondrous love of God in my life, but it is still to humbling to know that God loves me and forgives my many sins.

Wherever you have spent your Easter, I pray you have had a day full on many blessings.

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