What’s In A Name?

Everything that we experience in our life happens for a reason, a reason which God has already planned before it happens. Bearing that in mind, it means that when we were born and our parent(s) spent time trying to decide what name they wanted to give us, the decision had already been made by God.

Every Christian name has a meaning, do you know what your name means? If you do, do you live up to your name?

Here’s a list of a few Christian names and their meaning:

Alexander – protector of mankind
Caitlyn – pure beauty
Christine – follower of Christ
Daniel – God is my judge
Derek – gifted ruler
Dorothy – gift of God
Gemma – jewel
Holly – holy
Maggie – pearl
Megan – soft and gentle
Niamh – bright
Sam – God’s word
Sean – God is gracious
Susan – lily
William – protector

If your name is not listed above check out the following sites:

So are you living up to the meaning of your name? I find it very humbling when I think about what my name means – “gift of God”. It’s so easy for us to forget we are all God’s children and as such owe God our lives.

There is of course one person whose name could not have been more apt, and that of course is Jesus. The name Jesus is defined as “Jehovah is salvation, God will help“.

So remember that whatever situation you find yourself in, no matter how bad it might seem, God will help!

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