For the last few days, we’ve been enjoying some beautiful sunny weather. Not only has it been sunny, it’s been warm too! Unfortunately other than last weekend, many of us will have been unable to make to most of the good weather, as we’ve been stuck in an office all day.

It was commented to me today that everything always looks better when it’s sunny. It’s true though isn’t it? The bright sunny weather seems to lift everyone’s spirits and make dull, drab places look brighter and more appealing. The same can be said for things which may be worrying/concerning us – When the world around us is brighter and lifts our spirits, it often helps us to see our problems in a different light, which in turn helps put them in perspective, easing our worries.

It’s not just us humans who enjoy the sunshine though, our cat, called Tigger, loves sunbathing on our window sill. Though once he’s been lying there a wee while he usually disappears through to the kitchen to hang out the kitchen window and get some fresh air.

Use this time of good weather to lift your spirits. Look at problems from a different perspective, they often aren’t as bad as we think when we’ re in a more positive frame of mind.

Let’s hope the good weather continues. Enjoy the sunshine. 🙂

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