I was at the hairdressers today. While I was sitting waiting to get my hair cut after it was washed, I started asking myself a few questions

  1. How often do you get your hair cut?
  2. How often do you change your hairstyle?
  3. How often do you wish your hair was a different colour or style than what it is?
Here’s my answers, are they similar to your’s?
  1. every 5-6 weeks
  2. every few years
  3. all the time!

I then got to thinking, just how many haircuts that is in a year…a lot! And what about how many that would be in my lifetime. Wow!

So we all go to the hairdressers quite frequently, what about new clothes, how often do you buy yourself new clothes?

Maybe in the current economic climate you aren’t able to do any of the about as frequently as you used to. However I’m sure you’ll still plan when you’re going to get your haircut, and when your next going to buy ne clothes.

I know you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this…well what struck me while I was at te hairdressers was how much time and how much time to I put aside to allow God to restyle me into the person He wants/needs me to be?

A very deep question, and one which is not the easiest one to answer – not because I don’t know the answer, but simply because I know my answer is not what God wants it to be!

What’s your answer? If you find you are not putting aside time each day to listen to God speaking to you (not just time for you to speak to God), you, like me, need to allow more time for God to speak to you.

So next time you’re getting a haircut, or buying new clothes, remember that as well as looking after your physical appearance, you need to look after your spiritual life too – you can only do that by spending time with God, talking and listening to Him.


  1. In the nicest possible way, why is it that the words of your recent posts are hitting such raw nerves?! Thank you for posting so openly and honestly. I’ve been talking far too much recently and perhaps God has been speaking back but I just haven’t taken the time to listen. Plenty of food for thought, thank you x


  2. I usually get my hair cut around every 12 weeks but haven’t had mine done for nearly 5 months now. I had planned to get a hair cut but with my neck I am very reluctant to get it done as i know it will hurt. I’ve a couple of times gone red and once blonde hightlights. Usually had a trim and tidy up but am considering a restyle as I want it shorter.


  3. 1. Never get my hair cut2. Last time I changed it was in the fall of 2007 – when I shaved it all off3. Not worried about the colour or style, but if I let it grow in it will probably be a lot greyer than it was before and it still won’t grow on top!


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