Have you looked around you recently and really taken in what you see? The beautiful scenery, the animals and the something we all spend so much time moaning about or commenting on, the weather!

Today I was a passenger in the car when we were out for a while. This allowed me for the first time in a while, to take in the views and scenery around us. Wow! What a beautiful things God has given us in this world, many of which I know I’ve been taking for granted. Yes, some parts are not very nice, but they are the man made additions we humans have made and not the beautiful things God made for us in this world.

My guess is you’ll have been the same is me, not really noticing what’s around us everyday, the trees, the flowers, the hills, mountains, streams, rivers, birds and other animals, the sands, and other expanses of scenery that have been unspoilt by man.

Have a look around you and pretend it’s the first time you’ve ever seen it. Look at the landscape, the trees, grass, water. Look at the animals and birds. Isn’t this a beautiful land?

I thank God for the beauty of this earth, and I pray that I will not take it for granted, after all, God put a lot of work into it!

The following video is accompanied by a song by Brian Doerksen which talks about all the things God has created for us. The song is call “Creation Calls“. I hope it remind you of God’s creation and that you find bless from it.


  1. The wonderful mystery that was, and is, creation is something that has always filled me with awe. God or no god.


  2. thanks for the comment. however I just want to say that I’m disappointed to hear you are not convinced there is a God.I hope that in the coming days, you will find God and discover the real love and help only He cangive you. I will pray that you will find God.God made this earth, and He made each one of us, and I praise Him for that.Dot


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