Quality Time

What a beautiful day it’s been, the sun has been shining, there’s hardly been a cloud in the sky and it’s been really really warm. Let’s hope it lasts for a while!

So for those of you who have been at work this week, you’ll be delighted that it’s now officailly the end of the working week – yes I know it may not be where you are, but here in the UK it’s after 5pm on Friday, so for the majority of folk it’s now considered to be the weekend! Let’s hope the wonderful weather today continues over the weekend at the very least!

Well this week, we’ve been on holiday from work. Unfortunately though we’ve still not been able to get away anywhere, but even so, it’s still been a fantastic week.

These days we all find ourselves rushing about from place to place trying to fit in loads of different tasks into every minute of our day. So this week it’s been great to get away from all that as well as all the stress that work and everyday life puts on us. It’s been good to be able to just relax and chill out and actually just spend some quality time together for the first time in a while.

How often to you get a chance to spent quality time with your family and friends?

Given the fast pace at which we all have to live our lifes at these days, you may well find your answer is “not very often”. If that is the case, take the time now to arrange with family and friends, a time for you to spend quality time together – I promise you your relationships with your family and friends will benefit greatly from it.

It is important to look after all our relationships: that means our relationships with our family and friends, as well as our relationship with God.

Look after them all.

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