This week at work, has felt like 2 weeks, however the days themselves have flown by as I’ve been very busy. That however hasn’t dimmed my frustrations in the last few days. The project I’m currently working is on is nearing it’s implementation, however in these last few weeks we just seem to be hitting one problem after another.

Yes, I am frustrated by it all particularly as many of the issues could and should have been avoided and saved us many hours of chasing to try to resolve things or find someone who can!

At the end of the day, this is only about work and when I leave work at night, I leave these frustrations behind me. They are still there the next day, but at least I can forget them while I’m not at work.

So how do you deal with frustrations?

Certainly as far as work is concerned I try to leave my frustration at work when I leave each day. It’s not so easy to put to one side other frustrations we face in life as often they have arisen from something that is a core part of our life and with us all the time. E.g. Health concerns, martial problems, concerns about our children etc.

Whatever your frustrations, take them to God, he’s there to help you through thick and thin.

God will always hear your prayer.

Hear My Prayer by J-ricz (


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