God Knows You

Have you found yourself doubting God recently?
Have you found yourself in difficult situations and found that the last person you turn to is God?

You’re not alone in these feelings. I think we all have those thoughts and feelings at times. We often find that when we struggle we completely forget about God because we wonder why he can let these things happen to us. But he hasn’t forgot you, he knows everything about you because he made you in his own image.

One song in our Salvation Army songbook which I’ve always turned to when I feel I’m not giving everything to God, or not turning to Him in times of need:

Knowing my failings, knowing my fears,
Seeing my sorrow, drying my tears,
Jesus recall me, me re-ordain;
You know I love you, use me again.

I have no secrets unknown to you,
No special graces, talents are few;
Yet your intention I would fulfil;
You know I love you, ask what you will.

For the far future I cannot see,
Promise your presence, travel with me;
Sunshine or shadows? I cannot tell;
You know I love you, all will be well.

Love God and put your trust in Him, he will be with you every step of the way.

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