Saying Goodbye

Standing in a busy airport or train station, you can watch people meeting and greeting one another, sighing and crying as they say their farewells to each other. Saying goodbye to a loved one is never fun.
How do we find the strength to say goodbye when we leave home to go to college or university? How do we cope with saying goodbye when we have to move to work in a new city or country? How do we leave a parent or partner in care home or hospice when we wish they could remain at home with us?

These are just a few examples of difficult situations when we have to say goodbye to loved ones, but there’s one way in which we can make these situations just a little easier to cope with, and that is to trust God. God will watch over our loved ones, and He will watch over us too.

So when we find we face a situation where we have to say goodbye to loved ones, put them into God’s hand for safekeeping and pray that God will keep and sustain them for you.

Trust God always!

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