The Most Depressing Day

According to, the third Monday in January is known as “Blue Monday.”

Apparently, Blue Monday signifies that Monday, Jan. 18, 2010, is the most depressing day of the year. It is the day of the year when we will find more people ranting, raving, whining and crying than at any other time of 2010.

A British researcher, Dr. Cliff Arnall, reportedly says this is true based on a formula he developed along with some related calculations. Among the attributing factors are:

1.Christmas and holiday bills start coming in and piling up.
2.Post-holiday blues.
3.Failed New Year resolutions.
4.The weather.

We got an email sent round all of us at work last week telling us that tomorrow, Monday 18th January, had officially been identified as the most depressing day of this year. The email encouraged us to try and make tomorrow Happy Monday instead!

That’s all well and good making tomorrow Happy Monday, but al lthat does is move the “most depressing day of the year” to another day! What we should really be trying to do is make every day a Happy Day.

We all have times when we feel depressed based on a lot of different things that may be going on in our lives, so personally I think we each have ourown individual “most depressing day of the year”, so I’m surprised that one particular day can be given that title on behalf of all of us.

Whatever is going on in our lives, we must try to see the positives in all things, no matter how bleak the situation may seem. Ask God to help lift your spirits and make eveyday a Happy Day.

One comment

  1. Blue Monday is a PR campaign. Not a good one, mind you, as it is designed to focus on misery. Somehow travel agents, therapists, retailers and motorbike salesmen seem intent in promoting misery just to squeeze out a few extra bucks. Blue Monday is also seriously bad science (See Ben Goldacre at Bad Science However, so many people are fed up with this negative PR. They are fed up with PR opportunists and the press talking about misery. So join us on Twitter on 18 January for #happymonday. Smile and bring a smile to others. Do something to help others be happy. Happy Monday! Tweet some happiness. We want the world to grin a little more. That way we’ll tackle life’s problems more effectively. (Though we perhaps won’t sell as many holidays, bikes and therapy sessions!)


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