Sport Relief 2010

Last night Sandy and I sat down to watch Sport Relief 2010 on the BBC. Almost from the start of the programme, I found myself crying and this continued through the evening. I was crying, not because the programme was so bad, but because of the very moving footage they showed giving us details of some of the people and situations the money raised would be going towards.

Wow, it was heart wrenching. It reminded us just how lucky and well off we are here. We donated to Sport Relief to try to help make a small difference in someone’s life, you can too, just go to the Sport Relief website and donate what you can.

Please watch the following video which include some clips from last night’s show, including some of the footage I mentioned above.:

I hove you have been able to give to this wonderful cause. I thank you for what you have given on behalf of all those who will benefit from your donation.

Finally, last night Annie Lennox performed Bridge Over Troubled Waters live in the studio with so much feeling and emotion I ended up in flood of tears then too! I have been unable to find a video of last night’s performance but I hope you feel the passion in her performance of this song from 2007:

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