Easter Is Over…

…but new life is just beginning for us!

Jesus, light of the world, died a cruel and painful death on that first Easter Friday. He died then so that you and I could have new life, a new life through faith and trust in Him, our Saviour and our Friend.

Not only that, Jesus gave His life for us, so that we could be forgiven of our sins. Personally I find it very hard to fully take in the fact that someone would be prepared to die just so I could be forgiven of my sins. The only reason I find myself believing it to be possible, is because I know God is all powerful and is the only one capable of doing this…and what a way to do it, by letting your son die on a cross!

Jesus IS the light of the world and he came to earth so we could be forgiven.

Seeking solace in his downturned eyes,
such agonising pain betraying,
Hiding heartache through their stifled cries,
with wordless weeping, silent praying,
Beneath the bloodied,
wretched wraith,
faithful friends,
constrained or driven,
keep their vigil,
hold hard to faith,
and hear his whispered word:
by Stephen Pearson

I hope you enjoy the following video of Tim Hughes singing Here I Am To Worship (Light of the World) which kind of sums up what Easter has been about as well as what is expected of us now.

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