Influence Me!

We’ve been thinking about influences the last few days (Looking or Not and Your Influence), but today I want to focus your thoughts on those who have influenced you.

Who have been or are your biggest influences?

For each person you’ve identified as an influence in your life, consider the following:

  • Do they know how much they have influenced you? (don’t assume anything!)
  • Are they a positive or negative influence?

Positive Influencers

Positive influencers can be many things. Here’s a few examples:

  • make you feel happy
  • help you grow spiritually
  • mentor you in a work capacity

If they’ve been a good influence on you:

  • Have you told them that?
  • Have you thanked them?

Go on, tell them the next time you’re speaking to them, it may well make their day!

Negative Influencers

Negative influencers can be many things. Here’s a few examples:

  • make you feel worthless/useless
  • encourage you to do/say things that you don’t agree with
  • continually mood or talk negatively

How long have you know they are a negative influence you? Or have I just focused your thoughts so you could identify them for the first time?

Take control of your live! Don’t let negative influences continue to influence you. I don’t mean you have to stop talking to the people you feel are negative influences on you – I just think it’s more about you taking control of your life, and deciding for yourself what and who influences you. I have people in my life who are bad influences on me, so I know I need to take my own advice and not let these people influence me in this way any longer.

The Change by Steven Curtis Chapman:

C’mon, together we can overcome our negative influencers and be more positive people!

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