Child Abuse

I find it very difficult to comprehend how anyone could ever want to intentionally hurt a child – they are small defenceless human being who trust those around them for all they need.

Food, water, milk, warmth, shelter, protection and most of all love – these are just a few of the essential things every child needs.

I’ve been asked a few times, why God allows people to abuse children, and I find it very difficult to answer that simply because it such a sensitive topic – My answer to this question is God does not allow people to abuse children, people make their own decision to abuse children. God cannot stop people from doing what they want, but He can use you and me to try to reach out to the world and help those in need: the children in danger, those who hurt their children.

If you know of any child in danger, please help that child by calling the authorities – You could save their life!

Silent Cries
Lord can you hear the silent cries
Of a soul that’s been abused?
Do you see the bleeding wound
Of one that’s battered and bruised?
Do you see the wounded spirit
Broken by someone’s lust?
Now finding it hard to function at all
Bearing scars of broken trust
Do you see the child that faces
Ridicule and hurtful words?
Being told they’re useless and unworthy
Is all that some have heard
Often all these things that happen
Lie buried deep inside
Where nobody hears the silent crying
Nor sees the pain they hide
We often ask through anger and hurt
And through tears the questions ‘Why’
And where was God in the midst of this?
Did He hear my cry?
And why Lord did you not respond
And stop the evil done?
Did your heart break in two
Like it must have for your Son?
I guess we may never know
Why we go through so much pain
All we can be really sure of Lord
Is your love remains the same
I’m sure it must have hurt you Lord
To see your child suffer
And to see them still dealing with
The inflicted sin of another
Lord I pray they’d be released
And wholeness be restored
And that they’ll know fullness of life
That comes from you O Lord
By M.S.Lowndes

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