May Day Holiday

Today is our May Day holiday here in the UK. It’s a day when the kids are off school and many of us have the day off from work – In other words today is a day many of us look forward too as it gives us the chance to spend some additional quality time with family and/or friends, catch up on some jobs around the house etc.

So, May Day 2010, what did it bring your way?

My holiday weekend, has been a bit of a disaster if the true be told. Sandy’s not been too well for the last couple of weeks and several times this weekend we’ve ended up in the middle of the night as he’s felt particularly unwell. Last night was the worst, as we ended up until about 6 am today having had just a few hours sleep earlier in the night. Thankfully with it being a holiday today though, we were able to go back to bed and get a few more hours sleep once he was feeling a bit better.

Been a tough few weeks on a number of fronts for me, worrying about Sandy, Mum, Dad and my Aunt Mae, plus not feeling great myself at times. So I was thankfully that this was a holiday weekend with an extra day off work, although I would much have preferred to have been more in control of what we did this weekend, but hey, at least I’ve just got a 3 day week at work this week – I’ve got a hospital appointment on Thursday.

So whatever you have been doing on this May Day holiday, even if you had to work, I hope you had a good day and a stress-free day.

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