National Focus

Following on from my post yesterday entitled A Common Focus, it got me thinking about how at the start of a new era in the UK political front, maybe our politicians will actually work together for a chance and work with a common focus, rather than spending their whole time slagging off the other parties.

Maybe we too should stop slagging off our politicians and back them to try and do what’s best for our country, regardless of whether we originally voted for those who now make up our government. You know I’m saying that but it does stick in my throat as I remember what life was like in Scotland during the Thatcher years, and I don’t believe any of us would wish that on anyone again. However I do fear that in the long run, we will either notice very little difference and certainly no improvement or, for those of us in Scotland, we might just find ourselves being the “guinea-pigs” for some new policies that the new government want to “try out” on a country that didn’t vote for them.

Let’s hope I’m wrong and the ConDem coalition makes a positive difference to all our life’s – so go on David Cameron and Nick Clegg, surprise me – make a difference to our lives, particularly those of us in Scotland!

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