Devastating Day

Today I had planned to blog about how much we are loved, however given the events that have hit the headlines in Cumbria today, I felt I cannot write about that.

Today started as just another day for everyone in Cumbria, however it will end with so many families torn apart by what one man has done, for reasons which we may never know.

When I heard the news of the unfolding events in Cumbria, I found it very difficult to continue to concentrate on my work. I prayed and I prayed again that peace would descend on Cumbria, and that in fact no one would have been harmed. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be..12 people lost their lives and 25 were injured.

Many of those affected by today’s events will be very upset, angry, concerned and questioning why this has happened.

So what can you and I do to help? Quite simply, we can pray! We can pray for physical healing for those injured. We can pray for emotional healing for all those affected/touched in some way by these events. We must not forget those in our emergency services who were called out to try to help during the events, and those now working to heal the injured and those trying to establish the reason for today’s events.

Please pray for the people of Cumbria today and in the difficult days which lie ahead for them.

You can find out more about today at the BBC news site

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