The Law

I was sent this a few days ago, and it amused me, I hope it amuses you other computer folks too

The Laws of Programming


First law – The Computer is always right.

Lemma one Programmers are occasionally right.

Second law – The amount of time needed to debug a program is inversely proportional to the time allotted for debugging.

Corollary – Programs never work the first time unless there is virtually unlimited time to complete the program.

Third law – Any programmer can find 90% of his bugs simply by explaining his program to an uninterested observer.

Corollary The uninterested observer may be sleeping, dead, nonhuman, or, in extreme cases, nonexistent.

Fourth law – The most difficult or nearly impossible programming problems appear obvious or extremely simple to anyone with little or no knowledge of programming.

Corollary – Those problems most easily solved by a programmer appear to be overwhelmingly complicated and marvelous to the layman.

Fifth law – Computers are never more intelligent than their programmers.

Corollary – Most computers are incredibly stupid.

Sixth law – The rarest bugs in any operating system or major programming effort will always show up in a demonstration of its use to prospective users or customers.

Corollary – These bugs usually cannot be reproduced and therefore cannot be located.

Lemma one – Customers will never purchase programs which appear to be riddled with bugs as verified by demonstration.

Paradox – Most programs are unfit for sale.

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