Angel Seed

Angel Seeds by Louis Gander

Is there, not one angel, in Heaven I ask
who has a most difficult, uneasy task –
to this lonely person on earth here who needs
an angel from Heaven to mend his misdeeds?

Have all of you angels come down from above
to tackle the tasks that you keep abreast of –
while noises in churches sound much like a yelp
still come from those ‘saints’ much too busy to help?

Now are you an angel still waiting in line
to help this poor soul and who can’t see the ‘sign’?
Then step from that line – if you must, all alone
and help this poor soul to believe the unknown.

Now if, in my tunnel, you see hopeful light
to help even me who must find what is right –
then “angel” you are who can know even me
and conquer those tasks which can make this man free.

So go plant the seeds to produce more good fruit
in every lost soul with such futile pursuit –
who can’t be forgiven through Heaven above –
….unless, as an angel, you show them God’s love.

Wow! A wonderfully poem which reminds us that we can make a difference in someone’s life. Sometimes we just need to reach out to those in need and give them our hand, it may be all the help and reassurance they need to get them through another day. When we reach out to someone, to help them, we need to remind them that although we are with them at that time, God is with them always and is always “holding their hand”.

Be and angel to someone today!

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