My Day Yesterday

Yesterday (Sunday) I went to our Morning service at Bellshill Salvation Army, for the first time in about 10 months! Then after that I headed to Callander with our band to take part on two Song of Praise events there.

During our morning service we had one youngster enrolled as a Junior Soldier and another commissioned as a Senior Soldier, so it was a privilege to be present and share with them both on their special day. But why am I mentioning this, well because it got me thinking back to when I was enrolled as a Senior Soldier at age 18 at Rutherglen Salvation Army, and all that’s happened in my life since that day.

Yes there’s been some highs, but there has also been some very low times too; There’s been times when I’ve praised God and thanked Him for all He’s done for me, and there’s been times when I questioned whether God really existed, and whether He actually cared about me; There’s been times of joy and laughter and there’s also been times when my tears seemed never ending.

So there’s a brief overview of the years that have passed since I became a Senior Soldier, but where am I in my faith journey now? Well times are still tough for a number of reasons, but my faith is strong. I think all the tough times I’ve faced over the last number of years has resulted in my belief and my faith in God growing ever strong, because I know it is God who has brought me through those times, and whatever lies ahead for me He will lead me through it.

After our service this morning, the band headed to Callander to lead a Songs of Praise in the square at 3.30pm and then another in Callander Kirk at 5.30pm. It was a long and tiring day so it was no great surprise to me that I didn’t make it all the way through – I had to stop playing part way through the evening service as I got too sore, but even so I was glad I made the decision to go – Even today although I’m really suffering after the exertions of yesterday. I’m still happy to have made the effort to go with the band to Callander.

Thanks to all in the band for welcoming me back into the fellowship again after my absence from the corps, I do appreciate it, as we do have a special fellowship within our band. Thank you.

Thank you also to the newest junior and senior soldiers at Bellshill Salvation Army, for letting me share with you on your special day, and in turn reminding me of my journey through life to this current point.

I love the song Through It All which really sums up my Christian experience over these last few years in particular, so I hope you enjoy this version of the song performed here by The Three Sopranos

Through It All
Though the future seems uncertain
Though the fear erodes my peace
Though the circumstance seems hopeless
And the doubting will not cease
I will claim what He has promised
For my heart must recognise
Mine is not to question
But keep focused on the prize.
Through it all I choose to serve the saviour
Through it all I claim Christ as my friend
Through it all my faith will never waver
Till He calls me home or comes again
This path now set before me
Is not my route of choice
Yet I must keep moving forward
Listening to His still small voice
This step along this journey
He reminds me I’m His own
And through the cold dark loneliness
I’m aware I’m not alone
Through it all I choose to serve the saviour
Through it all I claim Christ as my friend
Through it all my faith will never waver
Till He calls me home or comes again


FYI – If you’re wondering how you can become a Senior Soldier (a member) of the Salvation Army, you can get information on this from your local Salvation Army, or from the Salvation Army website.

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