US Open – Open or Closed?

So we’re at the end of the first week the US Open championships 2010. Have had a chance to catch any of the play? I’ve only been able to catch a few bits of the live play, but have been keeping up with events and reports on-line. So what’s your thoughts on who’s going to win the men’s and women’s championships this year?

Men’s Singles

I’m still a huge Rafael Nadal fan, but do I think he can win the US Open this year? In my opinion, of course he can! Yes he’s had some tough games, and prior to the US Open he had some disappointing results, but like a true top seed, he saves his best for the Grand Slam tournaments like the US Open, so yes I think he can do it – I certainly hope so!

Other than my man Rafa, who else could win? Federer…yes, Djokovic…yes, Murray…no, Soderling…maybe.

Federer is a true champion so he can never be discounted. Many think he’s past his best (which may well be true), but his best is still way better than most of the other top players.

Djorkovic is always there or thereabouts these days, so if he’s on top of his game, yes I think he could do it.

Andy Murray, a fellow Scot…yes I would be delighted he if won, but I just don’t think he has belief to win the “big game”, in a grand slam final. I think he will do well and may get to the final, but I don’t think he’ll win – Go on Andy, prove me wrong!

Finally there is Soderling – of the guys I’ve mentioned, I think he’s the outsider, but when he’s on his game he is a superb player, so don’t be surprised if he makes it all the way.

Women’s Singles

Unlike Wimbledon 2010, I think the ladies singles is a less straight forward to call. With Serena out of the championship, will Venus lift the trophy or will someone else shine?

Personally I don’t think Venus hasn’t been playing anywhere near her best most of this year, so for me, it’s a no, Venus will not lift the ladies trophy.

For me, the top two ladies seeds, Wozniacki and Clijsters, will be hard to get past, as they both seem to be playing unbeatable tennis at present, both having lost only a few games during the tournament so far.

I’m a Jelena Jankovic fan, and I had thought she might have been an outside contender for the championship, but the number 31 seed Kanepi, put an end to her chances.

Now It’s Over To You…

So there you go, there’s my predictions for this year’s US Open championships. Do you agree with my predictions? If not, who do you think is going to win?

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