Saying Grace

Yesterday I asked if you knew what grace means and gave you some definitions of grace (Yesterday’s post was entitled Grace and you can read it using this link). In yesterday’s blog I talked about God’s grace (His promise to protect us), so today I’d like to look at grace in the form of a prayer said before meal-times.

So here’s a fuller descriptions of the word grace when used in this context:

In our tradition grace in this context is usually referred to as “saying grace“. Grace is a short prayer that is said either out load or is said to oneself, thanking God for providing food and nourishment that you are about to partake in. It is a way of offering thanks to God for providing sustenance to us. It is a way of asking God to impart a blessing on the meal.

If grace is to be said, it is considered impolite to start eating before grace has been said and completed.

Do you say grace before every meal you eat?

I must be honest and say I don’t, and never really have done apart from many years ago when we used to go to my gran’s for Sunday lunch between our morning and afternoon services.

Are you surprised by my admission? Well let me explain – I think it all come back to the fact that while my Mum and I are Christians and attend the Salvation Army, my Dad does not believe in God, so I guess we never said grace at home, because we respected my Dad’s belief that God did not exist. These days, since I’ve been married, I have a similar situation to what I had when I lived with Mum and Dad, in that hubby is not a Christian, though, unlike my Dad, he does believe there is a God.

So does this make me a bad Christian because I don’t say grace before I eat? No I don’t think so, because it doesn’t stop me from thanking God for the food I eat during my prayer times throughout each day. I would however make me a bad Christian if I was ungrateful to God for all He provides for me, but I certainly hope when I pray I do extend my thanks and gratefulness to God for all He provides for me, not just the food!

In conclusion, whether you say grace or not before you eat, I personally do not think is the real issue. The real issue is whether you thank God for all the things He provides for you in your life, whether it be food, clothing, a roof over your head, love of family and friends etc.

Take time today to say thank you to God for all He has done for you, and continues to do for you.

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