Are you courageous in your faith?

Whenever you’re presented with an opportunity to speak out about your beliefs and your faith, do you do so? Or, do you keep quiet but inside keep telling yourself you need to speak out?

If I’m honest what I do will depend on the situation, those I’m with and the reason I feel I should speak out. In other words, in some situations I will speak out and in others I keep quiet and don’t let anyone know I have a problem with what’s being said or done.

How about you, are you courageous in your faith?

Please watch this video of Jamie Owens-Collins singing Hearts Courageous:

It can be very very difficult to have the courage to speak out when others around you appear to be OK with what is being said or done. But has it occurred to you that maybe you’re not the only one who isn’t OK with what’s happening. i.e. Maybe there are others having the same issues as you, trying to find the courage to speak out.

In times like these, pray, because God will give you the strength and the words to stand up for what you believe in. Be strong, God will give you the courage to do what is right!

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