New Year, New Habits

Every new year, I’m sure, like me, you hear at least one or two people saying that it is a “new year and a new start” for them. But why does it take a new year for many of us to decide to make a new start with something in their life?

Maybe it’s just because the end of a calendar year seems a good time to “close the door” on your past and “open the door” to a new you.

While a new year can be a great time to make resolutions to make a fresh start, it’s not the only time you can make changes in your life for the better. After all God is ready and waiting for you to give your life to Him every day of the year, so if you haven’t given you heart to Jesus yet, you can do so at any time…although now is as good a time as any!

I seem to recall being told that for soemthing new to become a habit you must do it for 20 consecutive days – Any less than that and it simply will not become a standard part f your life. So where it’s getting up an hour earlier every day to exercise or whether it taking time out every day to spend half an hour with God, it is less likely to become a habit for you if you do not do that task for 20 consecutive days. i.e. You make it a habit.

I pray that this year God may become an essential part of your life and that praying and spending time listening to God might be your new habit for 2011.

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