How’s It Going?

So we’re now almost at the end of the last day in February of 2011, so how’s 2011 been for you so far?

Personally, this year’s not been the best so far for various reasons (some of which I’ve talked about in other blog posts this year). Here’s just a few things that have made this year disappointing so far:

  • I’ve not been at work yet this year, beacuse I’ve been off sick
  • Worries about the health of various members of my family
  • Concern for a relative who is now in care

Added to this, February is always a particularly difficult month for hubby as, both his mum and his sister died on February – his sister died 19 years ago and his mum 8 years ago. In addition, both their birthday’s would have been in February.

Just to make this February even worse, one of my uncle’s died and Mum, Dad, hubby and I weren’t well enough to travel to Ipswich for the funeral. I was also shocked and deeply saddened by the murder of 19 year old Reamonn Gormley in Blantyre at the beginning of February, particularly as he was the nephew of my manager at work.

So as you can see even from this very brief overview of my year so far, I’ve not had the best of years.

Whatever this year has held for you so far, I pray that we may all find the coming months ones full of happiness and joy, or if that is not God‘s plan for us, that we will rely on God for all we need in times of difficultly and stress.

Bring on the rest of 2011!

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