Do you have any nicknames?

Most of my family still call me Dorothy, although I do have a few nicknames, some of which are used quite regularly…

The first and most obvious one is Dot – That’s the nickname that is most commonly used for me, as most of my friends tend to call me by this name and I also tend to use this name most.

Two more nicknames are Doffery and Dotiffy, both of which are variants of Dorothy which were said by kids when they were learning to say my name! They obviously had difficultly saying Dorothy so my name came out as Doffery or Dotiffy!

I’ve had a few other nicknames over the years, but these are the only ones which have stuck and are still used quite frequently.

Do you have any nicknames that you dislike?

There is however one other name which people who don’t know me, try to use when speaking to me, and that is Dotty/Dottie! I hate the name Dotty/Dottie! If anyone calls me by that name, I tell them I do not like it and ask them not to call me by that name again. If however they attempt to call me by that name again, I remind them I don’t like it and if they do it again I will ignore them. So if they still try to call me Dotty/Dottie I ignore their attempts to get my attention until they call me by either my real name or one of the nicknames I don’t mind being called.

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