Silence Doesn’t Matter

Sometime when you’re alone in a person’s company, it can be uncomfortable when there are periods of silence. Personally when I find myself in situations like that, I usually blurt out something stupid and meaningless and basically make a fool of myself…Yet another of my worst nightmares!

On the contrary, when you’re in the presence of someone you are truly comfortable with, have you noticed how the long silences don’t seem to matter? That is a sign of a true friendship!

True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable – Dave Tyson Gentry

Do you have someone in your live you are comfortable sitting in silence with?

My relationship with God is one I’m comfortable enough with that when I spend time alone in His presence, there can be periods of silence. However I know that during these times, God still knows and understands what’s in my hearts, even if I can’t put my feelings into words. So silence doesn’t matter when talking to God, so why should it matter when with our friends!


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