Most Read

We all have books which we read over and over again, and enjoy as much, if not more, each time we read them.

So what are your favourite books, the ones you read over and over again?

Here are mine:

Have you read any of these books? If so what did you think are they in your “must read again” list? If not, I’d recommend that you have a read of them as each of them are excellent books.

But surely as a Christian there should be another book in my list…the Bible!

Why is it when we talk about books we always exclude the Bible?

I do read the Bible a lot, and yes I’ve read some parts of it countless times, sometimes for guidance, sometimes for inspirations, sometimes for encouragement, sometimes to reassure me, other times, just because…

Make the Bible the most read book on your bookshelf (both your physical bookshelf and your electronic bookshelf).

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