Is your house full of clutter? Do you keep telling yourself you’ll need to tidy up and clear out all the things you’ve hung on to “just in-case”?

When you do get round to having a clearout and getting rid of all the clutter in your house, doesn’t it make you feel good…even if you are exhausted!

It’s good to have a clearout of our belonging, but it can also be good to have a clearout of our lives as well. What do I mean by that? Well sometimes we can find ourselves doing/saying things which ultimately wouldn’t be pleasing to God. e.g.

  • We have got into the habit of acting in an un-Christian manner
  • We don’t read our bible regularly
  • We pray infrequently
  • We don’t show love and compassion for others

Have a think about your life, is there things in your life that you need to “clearout”?

We must constantly review our lives and change our actions or behaviour so that we can continue to do our best for God.

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