It’s Finals Weekend

So this weekend it’s the ladies and gents finals at Wimbledon 2011. So have your pre Wimbledon favourites made it to the finals?

As far as the ladies finals is concerned I expected Caroline Wozniacki to win the ladies competition so to say I got that slightly wrong is an understatement. It has however been a breath of fresh air to have some surprises in a number of the ladies matches. Personally I have been delighted that Sharapova has done so well again as I always thought she was a great player but one who never really reached her full potential. So, having reached the Wimbledon final again, I was really hoping that Sharapova would win the ladies final again.

Well once again, I show how bad I am at predictions as I certainly didn’t expect Kvitova to win the final, and I certainly didn’t expect her to win as convincingly. All the same I want to say congratulations to Kvitova on winning her first Wimbledon singles title, very well played.

Now onto Sunday and the men’s final…I am a huge Rafael Nadal fan, so obviously long before a ball was even hit at Wimbledon I was expecting (and hoping) that Rafa would win. Obviously when he injured his foot I was somewhat concerned that the dream of consecutive Wimbledon championships had been crushed, however Rafa, being the fantastic sportsman he is, has battled through the pain and got himself to another Wimbledon final. I’m hoping of course that come this time tomorrow, he will have been crowned Wimbledon champion again.

I expected, and if I’m truthful, and hoped that Roger Federer would have been in the final too, as another final like they had a few years ago would have been fantastic. Unfortunately Federer was beaten in quarter-finals by Jo-Wilfred Tsonga in an absolutely fantastic match, in which the Frenchman did a great job coming back from 2 sets down to beat Federer on a court he’s previously made his own. Unfortunately for Tsonga, that was the high point of his Wimbledon this year as he went down in four sets to Novak Djokovic in the semis.

Djokovic has had a fantastic 2011 to date, having at one point won over 40 matches in a row! He is the in-form man, having won the Australian Open, however the last Grand Slam tournament this year before Wimbledon, Roland Garros was of course won by Nadal.

So tomorrow sees the top two men in tennis at present go head to head in the final, so hopefully it will be a really good and competitive match. I’m just hoping I’m better at predicting the result of the mens singles final and that Rafael Nadal can play at his best again (just like he did against Andy Murray in the semis) and beat Djokovic to secure another Grand Slam title.

C’mon Rafa!

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