Home Sweet Home

For many of us “Home Sweet Home” will be a phrase I’m sure we will have said or thought many times.

But what about those for whom that statement couldn’t be further from the truth?

There are times when specific events or scenes remind us that some don’t have the same wonderful home experience that we have, however surely it shouldn’t take events or images to remind us of these folk?

There are many people in our own communities who sadly never get to experience a wonderful and loving family home life. It’s sad and disgraceful that in country which has so much, we can still have people who have nothing, not even a roof over their head at night, or food to eat.

There’s those who would have us believe they are living in safe and loving home however when the door closes and no-one can see them they suffer mental and physical abuse. It’s sad and disgraceful that there are those living around us that think this is acceptable behaviour.

Then there are those who live alone, have no family or friends who care enough about them to visit them. They are lonely and long for companionship and conversation. It’s sad and disgraceful that we can live in communities where people don’t care for their neighbours any more.

There’s also many people in countries ravaged by war, poverty, natural disasters who find themselves with no home. It’s sad and a disgrace that other countries don;t do more to assist people in these countries.

These are just a few situations that mean some people don’t experience “Home Sweet Home”. So next time you say or think to yourself, “Home Sweet Home”, please spare a thought for those who don’t consider home to be a sweet and happy place to be.

It’s not too late though to do something to help these people who are worse off than us. We can give donations of time and/or money to organisations/groups who help those in need. I know they always say you don;t need to give much because every penny counts, but I’m going to be honest, the more you can give, the more people who can be helped! You might think you’re too busy to be able to give any time to helping, however, unlike the money, I would agree that every minute you can give does count.

Let’s do all we can to ensure everyone has a roof over their head.

Let’s all do what we can to make home a sweet and loving place for everyone.

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