Who Else?

The last few days I’ve spoken about the value of friendships and the wonderful feeling it can give you when you find a true friendship particularly when that friendship turns out to be a lasting friendship.

How about those friendship which end, how do they make you feel? We often feel upset, hurt and let down when friendships end, and none of these feelings are very pleasant are they.

Personally I’ve been there, got the t-shirt etc, I’ve had friendships that have end. Some I’ve got over very quickly others although the relationship broke down a while ago, still hurt when I think about them. I’ve even got one friendship which is still very painful whenever I see the person(s) concerned as they are quite simply rude and seem to want to continue to hurt me, and this was a person(s) that was a very good and close friend for many years.

Have you had this awful experience too, or have you experience something worse?

Whatever our experiences of broken friendships, I think we would all agree that it hurts when a friendship fails.

All I can say to you is stick in there, there are plenty of people out there who could be a true friend to you, as those “friends” you’ve lost were sadly not meant to be you friend for life.

So who else is there that we can always rely on as a friend who will never let you down or hurt you..



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