A Day In The Life Of…

a newspaper!

Why of why, I hear you asking, is she posting a blog about the life of a newspaper! Well here’s my reason…

Earlier this week my husband had a hospital appointment which I attended with him. We got to the hospital about 15 minutes early for his appointment, so joined the other folk already sitting in the waiting area, waiting to be called for their appointment. As is often the case at these places, despite the number of people in the waiting area, it was still quite quiet there.

So I did what I think many of us do in these situations, I looked around the waiting area at the various characters…

I noticed one guy sitting in the corner flicking through a newspaper, without seeming to spend enough time on any page to read any of the stories. A few minutes later he chucked the newspaper onto the small table in front of him and sat back in his chair with arms folded.

Within a few seconds, another man came into the waiting area, and as he went to sit down, he picked up the recently discarded newspaper. He immediately turned to the back page of the paper and started reading through the various sports pages.

A few minutes later my husband got called for his appointment, so I was left myself to observe (and listen to my ipod!).

When the guy who was currently reading the newspaper (sports pages) was called for his appointment, the newspaper got thrown back on the table again. Within a few seconds, a woman who was already in the waiting area, picked up the paper. So what bit of the paper did she start reading first?

She started with the front page and then when she read that, went to the back page!

Once she discarded the paper, it was a young guy who picked up the paper next. He seemed to be in the same situation as me, there waiting for someone else, so it was probably no great surprise that he seemed to settle down to read the whole paper, starting with the sports pages and then going to the front page and working through the paper from there.

By the time my husband returned from his appointment, this young guy was still reading the paper, so who knows how many more people picked up and discarded the paper during the rest of the day!

So what is my point of telling you all this about the newspaper in the hospital waiting area? Well it got me thinking about a just how many people one small newspaper came into contact with in just one hour. i.e. the different personalities, the various personal circumstances and situations, problems and issues being dealt with by each person.

It also got me thinking about how reading the stories in the paper may have affected or influenced the people who read them. i.e. Maybe some of the stories where about something the liked, maybe they were about a subject/event they have personally been affected/involved with.

In summary, this short time in the hospital waiting area, just reminded me how different we all are – we all read newspapers in different way (i.e. some start at the front, others the middle and others at the back); we all have different personalities reflect in the way we read the newspaper; we all have personal lives which are unknown to others, i.e. you can’t tell by looking at most people what difficulties they may be trying to cope with in their personal lives.

Don’t judge others on what you can see, as you never know what struggles they may be having to cope with in their personal life.


  1. I totally agree; you can never truly know what someone is growing through just by their appearance. Going through a number of skin issues, going to stores, or out anywhere, was always hard for me. I felt I had to cover my body up so no one would stare at me. Overtime, I realized that most people go through hardships, whether its physical or internal. Good luck with everything and I look forward to sharing more with you:))



    1. Thanks for your comments and your openness. I pray you will find healing for your sking condition soon.
      I really appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog post.
      Dot x


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