Healer of My Heart #2

Healer of My Heart by The Martins
God of Light, take away the dark of night
Fill me with Your pure delight, touch me with Your hand.
God of grace, flow into this lowly place,
Listen as Your children pray, take me as I am.
Healer of my heart, Lover of my soul
Maker of the stars, the earth, the sky,
Come and make me whole
Savior of this world, my voice praises You alone
Healer of my heart, Lover of my Soul.
Emmanuel, lead me to deepest well
Where never-ending love prevails, drinking from Your cup
Prince of Peace, forever live inside of me,
Keeper of eternity, O Lord, revive me with Your touch


January can be a difficult month for many, as following the highs of Christmas and New Year, the contrast of the following weeks in January when the dark cold mornings and nights when we’re going to and from work can pull us down. It can result in us falling into a darkness, a depression, which can be difficult to shake.

It’s times like these when we must hold onto our faith, and trust God to guide us through and remind us that we can rely on him for everything we need.

I pray that if you’re struggling to cope with life, you will stay faithful to God, and trust Him to help you through these difficult days.

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