Week #1 of Work 2012

Well that was a long week!

Maybe it was just because it was my first week at work since before Christmas, but that seemed an exceptionally long working week…and that’s with me being off on Wednesday as well!


My week didn’t start well as despite going to bed at a reasonable time on Sunday night, I got only about 2 or 3 hours sleep that night. I remember lying awake getting more and more annoyed that I couldn’t sleep, checking the clock at midnight, 1.40am, 3.20am and 4.30am…thankfully I must have finally fallen asleep as the next thing I knew was the alarm going off at 7am!

First day back at work after being off, was as always a busy day, catching up on emails, dealing with requests/emails that had come in while I was off, and just getting to grips with the current status of everything my team were working on. It was a long day and the amount of yawning going on in the afternoon increased dramatically!

Was I going to get a better sleep this night? No!


I sleep very badly, although I did get a little more sleep than I had on Sunday night – This time the last time I checked the clock before I fell asleep was 2.45am.

There was no way Tuesday was going to be a good day after two night’s off little sleep. However it turned out to be not too bad a day even though the afternoon was one interrupted by lots of yawning again!

Was I going to sleep well tonight? Yes!


After a fantastic night’s sleep it was still a disappointment when the alarm interrupted my dreams.

Both hubby and me weren’t working on Wednesday as one of hubby’s cousins died on Hogmanay and the funeral was through in Alloa on Wednesday and we were both going through to it.

I knew the cousin that had died had quite a big family but we were both still very surprised to hear at the funeral that she had 9 children, 28 grandchildren and 33 great-grandchildren! Wow! Given Christmas was just a few weeks ago, hubby and me got talking after the funeral about how mad Christmas and New Year must have been for his cousins with so many in the family. Imagine the number of presents that would need to be bought…mind you on the plus side, imagine how many presents they all received!

We also reckoned that it must have worked out that they would probably have been celebrating someone’s birthday just about every week of the year!

After the funeral we headed into Stirling for a wee wander round the shops as it had been a while since we’d last been there. Then after we got back home I headed over to my Mum’s and took her for her weekly shopping.

By the time I got home and sat down I was completely knackered and my ankles and knees were throbbing.

An early night was called for, so it was a great relief that I managed to get a full night’s sleep.


Back at work again today. Several meetings but on the whole a reasonable day.

Still feeling shattered after the previous day.


Great start to the day, I had to scrape the car and it was solid ice on the windscreen grrrrrr….

It was a strange day at work full of random questions, strange coincidences and my half year appraisal!

Maybe it was a strange day because it was Friday the 13th, maybe it was just one of those days – Either way it was good day with lots of positives so all in all it was a good finish to my first working week of 2012!

So week #1 of work 2012 is complete, let’s hope the remaining weeks are positive and successful ones.

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