It Doesn’t Matter

I’m sure we’ve all said it, and I’m also sure we’ve all heard it, that “it doesn’t matter” even although we know it really does matter!

So why do we say that?

Is it to make the person we’re saying it to feel better, or not feel so bad, or is it because we want to keep the peace and not get annoyed, or is it simply because we know in the grand scheme of life that it really doesn’t matter?

Well we may say “it doesn’t matter” sometimes when it really does, but when God says He doesn’t care what we’ve done in our past, He really does mean it!

Whether our past indiscretions have been small lies, or faults, or whether they’ve been far more serious or evil, God will accept our plea for forgiveness and help. God loves each one of us, and wants each one of us to love and serve Him, and His only pre-requisite is that give Him our all…our joys, our desires, our faults, our failures, our mind, our heart, our all.

All There Is Of Me by The Three Sopranos:

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