WIPDo you know what that means?

Work In Progress

What do you think of when you hear those words? Work, DIY, housework, homework, your life…

These last few days I’ve spoken about how God can help us Be The Person He wants us to be, so doesn’t that make us His work in progress?!

No matter what age we are when we give our heart to God, God starts working in our life to help us become more like Christ, but because we are human we fail Him so many times. But all is not futile, as God doesn’t give up on us – If we seek Him and ask for His forgiveness, He will forgive us, and no matter what God will continue to love us unconditionally.

Yes, we need to try to be more Christ-like, however, no matter how many years God is at work in our life we will always be His “work-in-progress”!

I hope you enjoy Twila Paris singing All Things Work Together which fits in well with my thoughts for today:

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