Forgiveness Is Easy!

“You’re joking”, I here you say! But am I…

Forgiveness is something God does every day – It’s something He does for us each day.

As a Christian, I try to live as Christ would, to be more like Him each day. That doesn’t mean I find it easy to forgive other. It also doesn’t mean that I always feel as though I even want to forgive some people, but i does mean that I ask God to help guide me and give me the desire and strength to forgive those who hurt, disappoint or let me down in some way.

God asks that we seek His help to become more Christ-like. He does not say that as soon as we ask for His help we will suddenly have the ability to do or say all the things we have asked Him to help us with.

So in order to forgive others we must be Christ-like – we must be sincere and honest when we forgive others, and to do so, we must pray asking God for guidance.

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