Looking Forward or Back?

Looking forward isn’t just about the future, it’s also about the past!

I know that sounds a bit bizarre, but it is true, the future is as much about things that have not happened yet as they are about the things we’ve already experienced.

Is it making more sense now? How we cope with/handle the events and circumstances that will happen tomorrow is often about the experiences we’ve already had. i.e. Our life experiences help us become the person we are today, as well as making us the person we will become tomorrow. If our life was a bed of roses and we didn’t face any challenges, we would struggle to cope when life did go wrong for us.

When we face new challenges in life, we draw on our other life experiences to cope. However sometimes even that isn’t enough, so how are we supposed to cope?

In a word…pray!

God expects us to learn from our experiences but that doesn’t mean He expects us just to get on with things and forget about Him. The complete opposite is the case, He expects the more we learn about life and about Him, that we will rely on and trust Him more each day for all we need.



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