Get Out There!

A few weeks ago, while watching one of the episode of Reverse Missionaries which has been showing on BBC2, I was reminded that we’re never going to spread God‘s message of love and forgiveness to the whole world if we don’t actually get out there and tell them!

Let me put it this way, when the doors of your church are open, how many people who don’t regularly attend church, just wander in to find out what’s going on? I suspect there are very few. However look at an alternative, where we Christians get out of our seats in our church and actually take our church out to the people in our communities.

We can’t expect the community to come to us, but if we take the church to the community they’ll see what we’re all about. If we make our message interesting and relevant to them we can encourage them to get to know God, and maybe then they may want to come into our church.

Preaching at non-christians just doesn’t work, that’s exactly what will alienate them to God and to church. We must find common ground with them and use that as a way to gain their trust and gradually tell them about God. Then we can only pray that the seed we have planted in their life will grow and help them turn to God and to a church.

Go on, let’s get out there into our communities and tell them God’s message.

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