Yesterday in Valued? I asked whether you feel valued or not. Today’s question is about whether you feel needed or not…they sound kind of similar but do they actually mean different things?

Yes they do, here’s the dictionary definition of each word:

Valued – highly regarded

Needed – necessary, required

Do you see the difference? You can he valued without actually being needed, and you can be needed without being valued. i.e. Valued is all about how well you’re thought of, and how important you are, whereas when you’re needed it can often be because you’re the only one who knows how to do a particular job, rather than because you’re considered to be an expert at it.

If you’re confused not, don’t be, as my message for you today is simply that God values each one of us and needs us to be His witnesses. We may not be experts at witnessing for Christ, but God values our contribution to the cause and will help us do our best for Him

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