Why is it that some people just seem to lie freely without a second thought?

Why is it that some people tell us lies without even realising what they are saying can’t possibly be true?

Why do people tell us lies about others in the knowledge that the other person they are talking about is a friend and therefore respected by us, so we’ll obviously find out they have lied about them?

And the worst of all it when the person actually says things to you about yourself which you know are total lies!

Lying can be hurtful and can destroy relationships so why do some people think it’s ok to do it?

For me I think a lot has to do with how the person lying, feels about themselves. i.e. are they insecure, trying to show their power or influence over others, or simply showing off?!

Whatever the reason, there is really no justifiable reason for lying to someone. I recently lost all respect for someone because they said I had said and done specific things which quite frankly, if they knew me at all, would know, they were things I would never ever do!

Some people just aren’t worth getting hot and bothered about, as any problem that exists is obviously with them. So don’t let those in your life who lie to you, rule your life, to make to form inaccurate views of yourself or others.

Believe in yourself and try not to be wrongly influenced by those who would seek to give you false information.

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