Look Inside

Can you imagine a world where everyone judged themselves and not each other?

I’ve spoken before about how at times, we are all guilty of judging others based on either what we see or the little bit of their life that we know about. So can you imagine what life would really be like if no-one judged anyone else? It would be wonderful wouldn’t it?

I know that what I’m about to say, may sound simply like words that I’m just saying, rather than reality. However what I’m about to say is in fact the absolute truth, so don’t judge me! I’ve found myself in the last while, more and more aware of all my failings, and more aware of the times when I judge others unfairly or unnecessarily. I have being praying a lot that God will help me not to judge others, and I feel the very fact that I am able to identify these occasions shows God is working in me…I now just need His help to stop myself from actually judging others in the first place!

Even though God knows every little things about us, He still doesn’t judge us. So we must try to do the same. i.e. love everyone, and do not judge them.

I pray today that we will all look inside ourselves and judge ourselves before we even consider judging someone else, as we all have plenty of things in our own lives which we can greatly improve.

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