How many times have you been walking along a path that seems to be long and winding and not really going in the direction you want, so you take a shortcut to try to get to your destination quicker?

How many times having taken that shortcut do you find you way blocked, so you’ve got to retrace your steps and get back to your original path again?

Sounds a bit like life doesn’t it!

Psalm 23:3 (NIV)

He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.

God has a path set out for us in life, but sometimes we think we know better than God, and try to take a “shortcut” through life. Have you noticed how things never work out when we do that!

Yet again, God prove to us that He knows best and that His way is definitely better, so don’t try to take a shortcut through life, simply trust God and follow the path He has set out for you….the path to glory!

Here’s Bellshill Band of the Salvation Army playing the fabulous piece of music The Path of Glory:

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