Some Random Thoughts #5

When you’re waiting for a bus, and get fed up waiting so start to walk away, why do two buses turn up then!

Why can you never get that last bit of toothpaste out of the tube?

When you don’t feel well and try to see a doctor you can’t get an appointment for days, but when you’ve just to go for a follow-up appointment you can get one the day you phone!

Why is it always raining or blowing a gale when I go to the hairdressers?

Why can you never find the matches when you have a power cut?

Why is threading a needle always do difficult when you’re trying to quickly sew a button back on

Why is it nearly always a song you can’t stand that gets stuck in your head all day!

Why are some people morning people and others night owls?

Why are so many of us scared of spiders and other creepy crawlies that can’t hurt us?

Why do cat always seem to know when you’ve left a nice cosy jumper lying on the bed, and then curl up and sleep on it!

One comment

  1. I liked all the comments. Hope you are keeping alright. I am continually remembering you all in my prayers. I hope it will not be to long until your dad gets settled in a nice nursing home.x God Bless.


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