Is There Someone There?

Last week I had to travel through to Glenrothes for a meeting at Fife council, and rather than the stress of driving through there and back during rush hour, I decided to go by train. It turned out to be an excellent choice as on the way home there was very very heavy rain, so it would have been horrendous driving conditions.

Anyway, as I was on the train, I was able to listen, uninterrupted to my ipod as well as catch-up on some work on the way there, and read my book on the return journey. I couldn’t decide what to listen to that day, so I just put my ipod on shuffle, so I listened to a very wide range of music styles that day!

One of the songs that I listened to that day has been stuck in my head since then – Beautiful Things by Roxette:

Did you catch the words of this song?

Terrible things
Like when you wake up
And all of your dreams
Seem to crack up

So what do you do when you face “terrible things”? Do you look for someone to talk to?

Is there someone I can talk to?
Someone on the line?
Does anybody want to hear
What’s on my mind?

I know someone who I can talk to in every situation, someone who you too can talk to…God!

God is always there for each and every one of us. So when you’re going through terrible times, and indeed, when you’re going through great times, turn to God, because He will listen to whatever’s on your mind.

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