I’ve been deeply shocked and saddened by the pedophilia allegations against former TV presenter, Jimmy Savile, that have hit the media in the UK in the last few weeks. I must admit when I was younger while I loved the TV programme Jim’ll Fix It, I always found Jimmy Savile a bit creepy though I was never sure why – maybe that’s just my memory playing tricks on me now, but I honestly didn’t feel comfortable watching him…

I’m not going to get into a discussion about whether these allegations against Jimmy Savile are true or not, I’ll leave that to the police, but what I do want to take about today is abuse…

Abuse of anyone in any way is wrong.

Abuse by anyone in any way is wrong.

It doesn’t matter whether the abuse is physically, sexual or emotional, they are all equally immoral and wrong in my eyes. Whether the abuser knows the person they are abusing or not, doesn’t make it any more or less abhorrent.

To those of you to have suffered abuse in the past or are currently suffering abuse, I’d urge you please, to tell the police, or tell someone you trust implicitly, as together we can put an end to abuse.

Please don’t let the abusers can get away with hurting innocent adults and children, report them, report them now!

Let’s put an end to abuse today!

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