People In Need

The last few days my blog posts have focused on bereavement, and how, even when coping with that situation, we can do so with hope, knowing we will see our loved ones again in heaven.

But for each of us, how do they help people who are hurting either due to bereavement or other events?

Firstly some words from the bible:

Remember those who are suffering, as though you were suffering as they are ~ Hebrews 13:3 (Good News Translation)

Is that the key, to try to understand the pain and hurt the person is feeling?

I’d say yes, as without trying to understand how and why the person is feeling pain, there is no way we can truly understand how they are feeling. So does that mean unless we’ve been in that same situation as the person, we can’t possibly understand their pain?

No, with God‘s help we can be the support and strength the person requires to get through their darkest moments. We may not have been in the situation the person’s currently in, but God can give us the words and actions to provide the comfort and strength needed for those who are hurting.

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